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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Gas Safe Safety Device

Description/ Specification of Gas Safe Safety Device
GAS SAFE is an innovative mechanical device launched for domestic LPG gas cylinder. Protect your family with GAS SAFE! Which Prevent from accidents?

Rs: 0.50 to 75 lac. Product liable Insurance, so ensure your family and your property.
Although gas is users friendly but incase of gas leakage it can cause big disaster to your family & property for what we really sweat all life.

Sample Availability
Supplier Product Code
Competitive Advantages of the product
1) Major leakage auto shut off facility
2) Minor leakage testing facility
3) Saves 25% of gas
4) Low gas indicator
5) 3 years replacement warranty & 25 yrs product life.

The internationally acclaimed automatic emergency shut-off,
For your domestic LPG cylinder, now in india
Your family safety is our motto
The internationally acclaimed automatic emergency shut-off,
For your domestic LPG cylinder, now in india
Designed & patented by: Geoffrey foster (Australia) Ltd
Be safe with Gas safe
1, Major leak auto shut-off, 
2, Minor leak test check facility
3, Saves 30% of LPG gas, 
4, Full & low gas level indicator
5, Avoids fire accidents at kitchen, 
6, Avoids wastage of LPG gas
7, Low gas indicator enables the consumer to order the refill in time
8, Protects from unforeseen situation and circumstance
9, Covers  insurance
Tested By: LPG equipment research center Bangalore
Design registration By: Patent office Govt of India
Test report from IIT Chennai
Certificate from NATA (Australia) Accredited Laboratory
Under certification by under Writers laboratory USA
ISO certification BY: SGS (UK)

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Gas safe safety device
Q, Why was gas safe introduced?
A, According to the information gathered from the  fire accident sources, 90% of fire accident are caused due to domestic LPG leakages. Only solution to avoid these fire accidents is through Gas safe safety precautions
Q, Who approved the Gas safe device?
A, Tested and certified by UNDER WRITERS LABORATORIES INC, (USA) and Australian gas light laboratories,  Government of Department of explosive, Office of the commissioner food, civil supplies and consumer affairs department
Q, What is the difference between normal regulator and Gas safe?
A, Normal regulator releases 80% of gas @20% of pressure and does not have cut-off, reset facility and      there is no safety
Whereas gas safe release 20% of gas @ 80% of pressure and has auto shut-off, reset facility,
Saves 25% to 30% of gas, protects from fire accidents at kitchen and 100% safe
Q, Any awards received?
A, Gas safe has won invention of the year award and Asian gold trophy for service to mankind with the approval of department of explosive Government


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Gas Safety Device said...

Thank you for the most valuable information.............Gas safety devices are one of the most important accessory that one should be careful about. When it comes to things like gas cylinders, one should be very sceptically about their safety. Especially, one should never judge the cost factor while choosing gas safety devices.

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